What is UNA CWCA?

The United Nations Association of Ghana Commission for Women and Children Affairs is a membership organization dedicated to advocate, inspire and mobilize Ghanaians to support the ideals and work of the United Nations. UNA CWCA works to achieve SDG Goal 5 through a network of coordinators, youth engagement, advocacy, education, projects and public events.

Can I join UNA CWCA if I live Abroad?


How can I pay for my UNA CWCA membership?

By signing up online.

When does membership expire?

For free youth members, membership expires once you turn 18. After that time, you must renew as a paid member. Otherwise membership expires the next year at the end of the quarter in which it was last renewed.

Can I join if there is not a branch in my locality?

Yes. Members who have no local branch, or wish not to be affiliated with one can indicate "National" member when they join.

What are the categories of UNA CWCA membership?

Lifetime Member: Ghs 10,000 Participation in special events and advertisements in our programmes.
Patron: Lifetime Membership and invitation to special events and programmes Dues : GHS 5000
Sponsor Project sponsorship participation and sponsorship till project is completed. Dues GHS1000
Individual Membership- Annual membership and free participation in all UNA CWCA events. Dues : Ghs 300

What are the benefits of UNA CWCA membership?

Free membership ID cards to participate in all UNA CWCA programmes and events.
- Participation in all education and advocacy events.
- Participation in key Annual events which includes International women's day, international family day, 64th Commission on the status of Women, international day of the girl, etc.
- Monthly Nationwide conference calls with UN experts on issues such as global health, Empowering women, girls and children for the Sustainable development goals.
- An opportunity to be nominated as the UNA CWCA Ambassador of the year.
- Engagement with UN foundation Campaigns for global Health, adolescent girls, family, the environment and many more.
- Access to rewards of UN Federal Credit Union membership.
- Access to annual conference summit at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
- Network with other UNA CWCA members within the country.
- Job and volunteer opportunities will first be advertised to members and qualified applicants who are members will be an added advantage.
- Network with member countries of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA)

How can I pay for membership?

Membership dues can be paid online via membership App